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His favorite projects are those providing home buyers with the opportunity to own in developments that preserve the integrity of the landscape and provide the public with access to outdoor recreation.

Brittin Wolf

Partner and Director of Engineering

Britt Wolf serves as the Director of Engineering for APX West providing entitlement, planning, and engineering oversight companywide. He also serves a role in site selection and acquisition for new projects. Britt holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University and his experience spans residential subdivisions, commercial and mixed-use projects, and municipal infrastructure. Britt applies the critical engineering mindset to the full scope of land development direct project outcome.

With 15 years of experience, Andrew is recognized in his community, by the public, sub-contractors, engineers, and developers, as a leader in land development and construction technology.

Andrew Oxley

Partner and Director of Construction

Andrew Oxley serves as the Director of Construction for APX West providing planning and construction oversight companywide. He also serves a role in site selection, acquisition, and feasibility for new projects. Andrew entered into the construction industry in 2005 and his experience now spans custom and semi-custom homes, commercial and mixed-use developments, residential subdivisions, and municipal infrastructure projects. Andrew continually seeks opportunities to implement new construction technology and methods to improve the efficiencies.

ApxWest Real Estate In AZ

Dustin’s passion has always been sales, marketing and consulting. He is proud to have guided his teams to over $2 billion in real estate transactions through an innovative approach to marketing & sales.

Dustin Runyon

Partner and Director of Real Estate

Dustin Runyon serves as the Director of Real Estate for APX West providing real estate analysis, management of sales and marketing, lifestyle concepts, project branding, community governance, and strategic relations companywide. Dustin started his career in 2009 and his experience has grown to encompass sales and financial teams of various sizes and products in the industry. He has managed real estate teams of as large as 160 agents across multiple cities, grossing over $2B in transactions through an innovative approach to marketing, combined with an ability to utilize proven sales systems, models, and forward-thinking leadership.

His proven track record in the annuities industry combined with his success as a business consultant make him and invaluable asset to the team at APX West Investments

Mark Lindsey

Chief Financial Advisor

Mark Lindsey has over 37 years of experience as a producer of fixed index annuities. After becoming one of the nation’s top producers, he founded The Revolution FMO (Field Marketing Organization) which continues to be among of the highest producing FMO’s as the result of developing a proprietary method of recruiting agents and helping people keep their money safe, and streamlining the process. His system is directly responsible for having generated over $20 billion in annuity premiums among 350 producers since founding the company.

He has since consulted for companies such as Allianz, American Equity, and Athene to develop and distribute the most competitive and high performing annuities available on the market. Mark’s ability to identify and develop the aspects most critical to the success of his company has helped him achieve immense recognition among producers and companies in his field. This innate ability has led him to be an invaluable asset as a business consultant both within and outside of the fixed index annuities industry. He has consulted for a wide range of companies among numerous fields. The most notable include lending services, commercial electrical contracting, and yacht manufacturing as evidence to the diversity of his services.

Mark’s expertise is now directed towards the competitive landscape of real estate development with APX West Investments. He brings a wealth of business knowledge and a proven method of identifying inefficiencies and systematizing solutions. His contribution to APX West Investments includes investor relations, marketing strategy, capital acquisition and allocation strategy, and general business counsel. Mark provides oversight to the financial strategies that allow APX West Investments to adapt to the ever-changing real estate market. His proven track record in the annuities industry combined with his success as a business consultant make him and invaluable asset to the team at APX West Investments. Mark believes that honesty, integrity and truth are the most important contributors to a successful business.


Brittney Millsaps isn’t just a designer; she’s a creator, collaborator, and a visionary shaping the future of Lake Havasu City one project at a time.

Brittney millsaps

lead designer

Brittney’s career in design emerged from humble beginnings, starting with home organization and minor remodeling projects. Her dream was always larger, and she tenaciously nurtured it into a full-scale profession. Today, she’s an accomplished interior and exterior designer overseeing a wide array of projects, from remodels to new constructions.

Brittney’s comprehensive approach to design encompasses every step of the process. From grading and planning to final design and build, and even landscaping and pool installations, she works in close collaboration with builders, contractors, and homeowners. Her hands-on involvement ensures a seamless blend of style and functionality, transforming each space into a uniquely tailored environment.

Amy Francis, brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to APX West as the Director of Operations.

Amy Francis

Director of Operations

Her exceptional abilities and unique background make her an invaluable asset to the APX development firm. With a solid foundation in leadership and business ownership, Amy has honed her skills over the years in private practice, demonstrating her commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

In addition she has successfully owned and operated Havasu CrossFit for over a decade. This venture has allowed her to develop strong leadership, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Her passion for health and fitness, coupled with her ability to build and implement systems and workflows, demonstrates her talent for fostering effective communication and maximizing efficiency within teams.

Amy also is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arizona. Though her true strengths lie in her ability to create and optimize processes. She is adept at streamlining operations, developing clear communication channels, and ensuring that all details are carefully considered. Her keen eye for detail, high standards, coupled with her commitment to delivering exceptional results, has undoubtedly contributed to the success of APX West.

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