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Dwight is passionate about entrepreneurship and the pursuit of the American Dream – anyone willing to take risks to create a better world for themselves, their family, and their neighbors should be supported and admired.

Dwight Beckstrand

Chief Operating Officer

Dwight Beckstrand is a lawyer with nearly 20 years of experience in real estate acquisitions and financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings and syndications, business formations, business succession planning, tax planning, and general corporate work. Dwight has owned and managed his own law firm for 12 years. Prior to that, he was an associate at a 700-lawyer, multinational law firm. He graduated Order or Coif from the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah. Prior to law school he received a degree in accounting and worked in that field for a large oil company for three years. Dwight is passionate about entrepreneurship and the pursuit of the American Dream – anyone willing to take risks to create a better world for themselves, their family, and their neighbors should be supported and admired. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the communities in which they live.

One of Dwight’s oldest client relationships is with one of the largest real estate developers/owners on the Central Coast of California, with more than $500 million in real estate assets under management, including single-family housing developments, multifamily housing projects, hotels, student housing, commercial, retail, car washes, and a brewery with associated brewpubs and tasting rooms in its portfolio.

Dwight has been involved in real estate development projects in the Lake Havasu area for many years, bringing his experience and passion for entrepreneurship to this exciting, growing market. While he is passionate about Havasu’s growth, Dwight is committed to a process whereby Havasu can grow in such a way as to preserve what makes it special: a small, closely knit community that is open and inviting to visitors and welcoming to newcomers. Dwight is also committed to preserving and protecting the unique natural resources of Mohave County.

In addition to providing in-house legal support and advice to APX West, Dwight is also involved in investor relations and corporate communications. An opposing lawyer years ago told Dwight that he was a “true gentleman in every sense of the word” at the close of a transaction they worked on together. Since then, Dwight has strived to live up to that compliment, which he considers the best and most meaningful he’s ever received, especially considering it came from an opposing lawyer. Whatever Dwight can do to make someone feel comfortable, he will do.

Dwight has six children, ranging in age from 21 to 6. He enjoys his work and is passionate about his career, but his calling was to be a dad. Dwight’s kids are his world. He loves to spend time with his kids cooking, collecting and building Legos, playing board games and card games, binge watching Marvel and Star Wars movies, and especially going on adventures and spending time outdoors.


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Dustin’s passion has always been sales, marketing and consulting. He is proud to have guided his teams to over $2 billion in real estate transactions through an innovative approach to marketing & sales.

Dustin Runyon

Sales & Marketing

Dustin Runyon is an elite sales and marketing expert. Starting his career in the real estate industry in 2008 during the Great Recession, he quickly observed that the ability of a business to adapt was essential to not only surviving but thriving. In 2009, at 22 years of age, he saw an opportunity to capitalize on market volatility and built a short sale team that closed over 350 short sales totaling over $70,000,000 in sales in 3 short years. 

In 2012 at the age of 25, Dustin was recruited by Keller Williams Realty run the Lake Havasu City division. His management helped the Lake Havasu City division expand to include Bullhead City, AZ and Kingman, AZ, becoming the largest real estate brokerage in Mohave County with over 160 agents, capturing 66% market share. Through his leadership, team building skills and relentless drive, he grew the brokerage from $90,000,000 in real estate transactions to over $500,000,000 in just 5-years. This unprecedented growth garnered attention from industry leaders and expanded his network to include elite real estate agents, brokers, and investment consultants throughout the country.  

Building on the momentum of this success, Dustin developed a system of teaching which he has used to reach thousands of the top real estate professionals throughout the nation. Its pillars are built on sales, marketing and psychology, which he believes have been monumental to his continued achievements. Dustin’s reputation for success has since allowed him to expand beyond real estate, as he now enjoys speaking to and training business owners in all industries. 

 During his time at Keller Williams, Dustin launched a digital marketing platform used to expand the outreach of his company. He recognized this value and began offering it to businesses of all types who were looking to do the same. At a time when digital marketing was just becoming the norm, he evolved this tool to help businesses throughout the United States increase sales through an innovative digital approach. 

In 2014, Dustin launched D.R. Coaching and Consulting which has given him the honor of working with individuals, government agencies, universities, companies, and developments interested in taking their businesses and lives to new levels. He believes that much of an individual’s success is dependent upon improvement in both their professional and personal life. He now regularly consults with clients holding a net worth well into the 9-figures. 

Today, Dustin’s passion continues to be sales, marketing and consulting. He is proud to have guided his teams to over $2 billion in real estate transactions through an innovative approach to marketing, combined with an ability to utilize proven sales systems, models, and forward-thinking leadership. His diverse experience and tools for success continue to expand his influence into the domains of land development, project oversight, and investor relations with APX West. 

ApxWest Real Estate In AZ

His favorite projects are those providing home buyers with the opportunity to own in developments that preserve the integrity of the landscape and provide the public with access to outdoor recreation.

Brittin Wolf


Britt holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University where he graduated with academic distinction. His engineering experience spans planning, design, and construction oversight of residential, commercial, and municipal projects. Prior to joining APX West, his engineering team was directly responsible for the substantial majority of new land development in Lake Havasu City. Working with private developers, municipal entities, and private-public partnerships, he gained insight to the multitude of opportunities that exist to bring projects from an idea to reality. 

Britt’s work includes the permitting, design, and construction oversight of products ranging from single residential lots to subdivisions, commercial lots, and municipal infrastructure projects. His largest and most distinguished projects combined represent almost 1,200 acres of mixed-use development and 1,500 highly desirable residential lots. In their completed states, these projects represent over $1.5 billion of real estate value.

His favorite projects are those providing home buyers with the opportunity to own in developments that preserve the integrity of the landscape and provide the public with access to outdoor recreation. 

His past projects have included an Arizona State Park and marina in combination with a large residential community which offered products at several price points. New homebuyers were excited for the opportunity to escape the dense development of cities and within minutes had access to a multitude of outdoor activities and water recreation. Simultaneously, this development created access for the public to enjoy the same outdoor amenities adding value for existing residents and visitors that the local economy thrived on. Projects such as this create a positive outcome for the local, state and federal municipalities, as well as the existing residents, new residents, and visitors.

To achieve projects of such magnitude requires years of work and partnerships with planners, designers, contractors, investors, and local, state, and federal municipalities. This exposure helped Britt to understand how these various pieces come together to create development opportunities and move projects from start to finish. The relationships created while furthering these developments and others are vital to the continued advancement of APX West’s endeavors. He is excited to utilize his experience and relationships to offer opportunities to investors, developers, builders, and home buyers.

ApxWest Real Estate In AZ

With 15 years of experience, Andrew is recognized in his community, by the public, sub-contractors, engineers, and developers, as a leader in land development and construction technology.

Andrew Oxley


Construction has always been the family business for Andrew Oxley, going back to the 1930’s. Interestingly, his grandfather working for Tri Co. Engineering was hired by Robert McCulloch to construct the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City in the 1960’s, completing construction in 1971. His father continued the family business by focusing on residential and commercial construction. Andrew began to take the reins in 2005 while still a teenager in high school. At that time, he worked any job doing anything from fencing to finishing concrete, framing, tile, plumbing, landscaping, and many other jobs. Today, his focus has expanded to managing and operating the land development services offered by G. Oxley Construction, which has been associated with 90% of land development in Lake Havasu City in the past decade. 

Andrew values the experience he gained doing the odd small jobs early in his career. He prides himself for being well versed in all aspects of development from mass grading, to underground construction, to vertical construction. His earliest experience in land development was constructing water and sewer pipe in 2005. During that same year he began to manage a pipe crew as his family became partners in the development of Phase 1 of the Havasu Foothills Estates in Lake Havasu City. Knowing that his future was in the land development field, he began seeking opportunities to learn and quickly started to implement new construction methods to improve the job efficiencies. He moved through all of land development including grading and underground construction, learning the ropes and applying the same diligence to seek out inefficiencies in each. 

Upon completion of the first phase of development in The Havasu Foothills Estates, he transitioned into building homes as the economy depressed and land development was put on hold. Since then, has built hundreds of homes in the Havasu Foothills alone. As the economy returned and development resumed around 2011 he aggressively pursued land development and quickly made a name for himself. His primary focus has since been to grow the land development portion of G. Oxley Construction, which is the most utilized land development company in Lake Havasu City today. 

Andrew has continued to learn and grow through every aspect of his career. He constantly seeks out and embraces the newest technology in the land development and construction sectors. With equipment technology changing so rapidly and the cost of big equipment in the hundreds of hundreds and well into the millions often, Andrew chooses to lease the heaviest and most expensive equipment. He sees it as the equivalent of being able to upgrade your phone every couple of years to keep up with the newest technology trends. This flexibility also allows him to use the right tool for the job, instead of using an under or oversized tool because it’s the only tool available. By choosing the right sized equipment he is able to save significant time and cost for his clients. Andrew constantly seeks opportunities to diversify his business and credits this to his continued success through economic ups and downs. 


Andrew’s commitment to honesty and transparency has helped him develop relationships with members of the local engineering and building departments in the cities he works. By developing these relationships, he is able to maintain an open line of communication with city workers and engineers to further expedite his projects and anticipate questions and concerns from local inspectors. These relationships have resulted in him consulting with the Lake Havasu City engineering department to produce engineering specifications and design standards. Furthermore, his relationship with the engineering inspectors helps anticipate questions and needs, keeping inspectors happy and jobs on schedule. 

Andrew is recognized in his community, by the public, sub-contractors, engineers, and developers, as a leader in land development and construction technology. His projects range from small ½-acre parcels to 640-acre residential developments, with the ability to manage several projects simultaneously, regardless of size. G. Oxley Construction is most notably performing mass grading and underground construction for two of Lake Havasu City’s biggest projects to date, the Havasu Riviera and the Havasu Foothills, which combined represent more than 1,200 acres of residential development and are the largest master planned communities in the city’s history. 

Andrew is always interested in expanding into new construction sectors, and was recently the prime contractor for the construction of the 2 newest municipal water tanks and the associated booster stations for the City of Lake Havasu. He has personally had oversight for hundreds of thousands of feet of pipe constructed, millions of cubic yards of dirt moved, and well over $2.5 billion in finished asset value. His jobs regularly utilize more than $10 million worth of heavy equipment at any time. 

He credits his success to the ability to anticipate problems and plan accordingly. Upfront coordination, transparency, and open communication with clients keeps jobs running smoothly and adapting when required to do so. He constantly seeks the most qualified operators, laborers, tradesman, and subcontractors, treating all like family. G. Oxley Construction has constructed thousands of custom homes, residential, and commercial projects throughout Mohave County and as a result of management practices and a commitment to safety, has never experienced a lost time accident. 

Andrew’s long history in the construction industry makes him a valuable addition to the APX West. He is constantly sought out by the biggest developers for construction and management services. He brings decades of relationships and experience in all facets of construction and land development. His transparency and proven construction techniques have helped him develop a trusted relationship with local government officials, engineers, investors, consultants, and developers. Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a network of construction professionals to the team at APX West.

His proven track record in the annuities industry combined with his success as a business consultant make him and invaluable asset to the team at APX West Investments

Mark Lindsey

Chief Financial Advisor

Mark Lindsey has over 37 years of experience as a producer of fixed index annuities. After becoming one of the nation’s top producers, he founded The Revolution FMO (Field Marketing Organization) which continues to be among of the highest producing FMO’s as the result of developing a proprietary method of recruiting agents and helping people keep their money safe, and streamlining the process. His system is directly responsible for having generated over $20 billion in annuity premiums among 350 producers since founding the company.

He has since consulted for companies such as Allianz, American Equity, and Athene to develop and distribute the most competitive and high performing annuities available on the market. Mark’s ability to identify and develop the aspects most critical to the success of his company has helped him achieve immense recognition among producers and companies in his field. This innate ability has led him to be an invaluable asset as a business consultant both within and outside of the fixed index annuities industry. He has consulted for a wide range of companies among numerous fields. The most notable include lending services, commercial electrical contracting, and yacht manufacturing as evidence to the diversity of his services.

Mark’s expertise is now directed towards the competitive landscape of real estate development with APX West Investments. He brings a wealth of business knowledge and a proven method of identifying inefficiencies and systematizing solutions. His contribution to APX West Investments includes investor relations, marketing strategy, capital acquisition and allocation strategy, and general business counsel. Mark provides oversight to the financial strategies that allow APX West Investments to adapt to the ever-changing real estate market. His proven track record in the annuities industry combined with his success as a business consultant make him and invaluable asset to the team at APX West Investments. Mark believes that honesty, integrity and truth are the most important contributors to a successful business.


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